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ZO Academy affordable alto saxophone for students



With exceptional sound and playability, you’ll agree that the new ZO Academy Alto Saxophone is the best saxophone for beginner students, amateurs and school band programs.

Developed with the novice player in mind, the Academy Alto Saxophone produces a warm and resonant tone. A carefully designed neck and tone-hole setup allows for good intonation and a clear, fast response. This ZO Saxophone is well-balanced, with ergonomically designed keywork and an adjustable thumb rest, making it comfortable to play for even the youngest musicians.

ZO Academy instruments are crafted using cutting-edge techniques and are built to last. High quality pads and steel needle springs ensure strong and reliable key action. Finished in beautiful gold lacquer, this  affordable saxophone looks as good as it sounds.

Complete with a full accessory kit, pro backpack case, ligature and a special mouthpiece designed for the beginning player, the ZO Academy Alto Saxophone is ready to play straight out of the box! With a 2-year warranty, this student saxophone represents tremendous value for money for beginners, parents, and schools.


• Key: Eb
• Lacquered Brass Finish
• High F#
• Steel Needle Springs 
• High Grade Pads
• Includes Mouthpiece, Ligature & Pro Trekking case

Bonus – Music Hygiene Company Care Kit

ZO Alto Saxophone

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